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Green Hill rash guard constructed with Lycra and spandex to make it lightweight, quick drying, flexible, durable, naturally antibacterial and water wicking. The rash guard is perfect to protect athlete from rashes caused by abrasion and sunburn. This stretchy Rash vest permits a full range of motion. Round neck with Anti slip strap ensures optimal comfort, stability and safety. Nano-Vento RPS-Technology prevents moistures build up. The high-performance conditioning wear by GreenHill do a great job in preventing chafing by providing muscle support and give a performance uplift to the user. Because of its construction it can be worn all day long in a post workout session for a speedy recovery as it helps in regulating the blood flow throughout the body. The CPXR-Hybrid Mix allows the compression gear to provide amazing fit and quality that last forever. It offers extreme expansion, comfort and fast recovery to the muscles with high wicking fast dry max cool fabric that dry moisture away from the skin. The all season. GreenHill compression shirt offers strategically placed flexing constructions that allows easy mobility and provide a wide range of motion to the athletes.


Lycra composition makes it stronger, durable, flexible and exceptionally elastic. Made from Supreme quality Lycra these Greenhill Compression shirts retain their shape and feel over time and ensure faster drying.

Engineered from 6-way stretch fabrication technology doesn’t compromise mobility and do not limit the range of motion. It augments athlete’s performance by giving athlete ample room to move.

Crafted with flat lock stitching, which allows the seam to lie flat to the garment instead of hanging loose from it, enhances strength, functionality minimizes discomfort and chaffing.

Advanced Nano Vento-RPS Technology with added anti-microbial properties to help repel excessive sweat during active performance and prevent bacterial and odor build-up.

GreenHill’s Rash Guard is designed to resist extreme temperatures for indoor and outdoor sports like surfing, canoe polo, water survival training, scuba diving, snorkeling, free diving, wakeboarding, body surfing, body boarding, wind surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, stand up paddle surfing, boxing and jiu-jitsu.


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